Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Only in California!

Went to market last week in California. My sister, Joy, and I went out to eat (this is one of many times) and could not believe it. There behind me is a dog in a high chair in the resturant. Yes, I know it is a little dog but still. Blew me away!


  1. Hello Laura,

    I love you little boutique, its so quaint and colorful. I wanted to find out where you aquire your beautiful jewelry? Do you offer consignment in your store or comission sales? I make jewelry and I was intersted in finding out if you would consider any of my work. Please email me at beccabell11@msn.com. I hope to hear from you soon!

  2. Thanks for asking. I just got back from market and ordered lots so I don't need any now. Thank you though.

  3. Sounds good. If you ever consider offering booth space keep me in mind!