Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ok. here are photos from just some of the boxes I got the other day

The new Gooseberry Cookbooks-Homemade Harvest, Homemade Christmas and New Slow Cookers, Casseroles and Skillet Cookbook. New this year are the 101 series- 101 Autumn Recipes, 101 Christmas Recipes and 101 Easy Entertaining recipes. There are some great looking recipes and lots of pictures in the 101 series.

Aren't these the cutest little teapots and teacups. They don't have to be for kids but what little girl wouldn't love having 'tea with Grandma' with this very special teapot.

Not sure how well you can see but got in a bunch of fall, halloween and Christmas flags, mailbox covers and floor mats from Magnet Wraps. They add a touch of seasonal fun starting at your curb.

Lots of baby and kid stuff. I love books so got a lot of them in. Soft blankets, towels, and toys. And more is still coming.
Sorry this pictures turned out so yellow. They looked fine on my little camera screen. I tell you, someday I am gonna have to break down and buy some reading glasses so I can see.

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